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Year May 2022

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Welcome to the Meetcation Travel case study page, brought to you by Wedesain, a leading website development agency. We are proud to showcase our collaboration with Meetcation Travel, a renowned and affordable tour and travel company in Indonesia. Discover their diverse range of tour packages and captivating travel stories on their website,

The website design reflects Meetcation’s brand guidelines, with a dominant orange color scheme that resonates with their logo. The overall mood of the design evokes a sense of adventure and excitement, while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic with white canvas elements.

Explore the website to discover a wide array of tour packages tailored to meet various travel preferences and budgets. From breathtaking destinations to unique experiences, Meetcation Travel offers unforgettable journeys for all adventurers.

Immerse yourself in their captivating travel stories featured on the website’s blog section. Gain valuable insights, travel tips, and inspiration from fellow explorers who have embarked on incredible adventures with Meetcation Travel.

At Wedesain, we take pride in our collaboration with Meetcation Travel. Our website development expertise has allowed us to create an engaging platform that effectively showcases their offerings and captures the essence of their brand.

Visit today to plan your next remarkable travel experience. Let Meetcation Travel be your trusted companion in creating unforgettable memories.

If you have any inquiries or are interested in our website development services, feel free to reach out. We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life, just as we did for Meetcation Travel.

This masterpiece is the outcome of wedesain’s creativity.

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