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Year March 2021

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Welcome to the Wedesain case study page, where we proudly present our collaboration with Hurricane XCS, a leading Electronic Voltage Stabilizer company for cars and motorcycles. Explore the compelling reasons why every vehicle owner should invest in Hurricane XCS products on their dedicated landing page, accessible at

In line with Hurricane XCS’s brand guidelines, Wedesain has meticulously designed a landing page that reflects their identity, with a dominant color scheme of orange and black. The visually appealing design elements enhance the user experience, ensuring a captivating journey for visitors and emphasizing the importance of voltage stabilizers for vehicle owners.

Key Features of the Landing Page:

  1. Integrated WhatsApp Button with Meta Pixel and Google Tag Manager: Enable seamless communication between visitors and Hurricane XCS, allowing potential customers to inquire about products and make informed decisions.
  2. Advanced Tracking with Google Analytics: Every visitor’s activity is tracked using Google Analytics, providing valuable insights and allowing for effective remarketing campaigns. Data from WhatsApp button clicks is sent to Meta Pixel and Google Ads, optimizing marketing efforts.
  3. Website Optimization for Fast Loading: Prioritizing speed, the website is optimized to ensure quick loading times, minimizing the risk of visitors leaving due to slow performance.

At Wedesain, we take pride in our collaboration with Hurricane XCS to create a compelling landing page that showcases the necessity of their electronic voltage stabilizers. The intuitive features and visually captivating design elements reflect Hurricane XCS’s commitment to delivering quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Visit today to explore the full range of Hurricane XCS products and experience the convenience of their landing page with advanced features. If you have any inquiries or require our expertise in website development, feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

This masterpiece is the outcome of wedesain’s creativity.

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